Snake Farm

There are approximately a 100 snake species found in Sri Lanka, with about 46 of them endemic to the country. There may be up to 20 snake families present at the conservatory, though that depends on when you go. According to Bandara (the son), the snakes are collected from nearby villages when they happen to crawl into residences. So the snakes you see there may vary depending on when you go, and on which snakes have been released into the wild.

As you enter the structure, and if you make too much noise while standing too close to the boxes near the door, you’re going to hear a hissing that will scare a few years off your life. If you’ve never heard an angry cobra hissing, you’re in for a treat. It speaks directly to your double helices, saying “Run! Missssster Potter

Bandara will pull the snakes out from the boxes and place them on the sandy ground outside the structure, or in your hands, depending on the type of snake and the strength of your bladder.

When we visit the place, we will find most of the snakes to be fairly benign, like a variety of grass and tree snakes that hunt the little things of the jungle.



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  • From 8.00 am To 5.00 pm
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