Galle City Tour

Herman Tea Factory
        Virgin white tea their flagship product, is a tea completely untouched by hand and follows an ancient Chinese tea making Ritual where the best of teas were offered as a tribute to the Emperor during the Tsong and Tsang dynasties of 5th and 6th century B.C. This tea is rich in antioxidants and is said to be the healthiest tea in the world. Marriage Freres one of the world’s most Luxurious Tea Salons situated in Faubourg Saint-Honore in Central Paris Is currently the only Tea Salon to serve Herman’s Virgin White tea.

Koggala Boat Safari
        Tucked away from the sights of the few tourists who venture this far into the heart of the south, the 30-km-long lake is a welcome change from the frenetic pace of the perennially-on-holiday towns in the vicinity. The polite and enthusiastic boat operator who took us on a tour was the only person conducting business on a Sunday evening. This meant we sailed in isolation for the most part of the 35 minutes, barring a few local fishermen returning home. The silence was only broken by the occasional bird call and the hum of the boat’s motor. The boatman informed us that the lake plays host to 10 crocodiles. Along the way, we had a few false sightings that all turned out to be large rocks instead.

Fish Theropy
       They setup several artificial cage ponds in the natural river the doctor fish are grown there. You can get in to the floating stage from your boat and sit and put your legs in to the pond. Hundreds of Fish comes and gently nibble the dead skin of your legs. They provide fish food also. Once you feed them, hundreds of them comes and fight for it.

Koggala Sea Turtle Farm

      Koggala Sea Turtle Farm and Hatchery is situated on Matara Road in Koggala. It is a project carried out by a non-profit organization which works on surviving sea turtles for the next generation. This beach side farm and hatchery started in 2010 and has released more than 100,000 turtles up to now.

Galle Fort
      Galle Fort, on the Sri Lankan coast. Nowadays, the old beautiful buildings are transformed into trendy shops, cafes, and restaurants. UNESCO named Galle Fort World Heritage, so the beauty of the building is being preserved. From shopping, exploring the history or the sunset at the fort’s wall. You could spend an entire day exploring Galle Fort.
You can only enter Galle Fort from the main gate side. From there, explore the shopping streets, churches, and the fort’s history. It takes about two hours to walk around the whole fort. To avoid busy streets, make sure to visit Galle Fort in the morning. Still, we like to recommend an afternoon walk so you aren’t going to miss the sunset.

Beautiful Shops at Galle Fort
         Fall in love with all those incredible handicraft shops. If you would like to bring back a little souvenir for your parents then wait until you arrive in Galle Fort. It owns some of the most beautiful shops in Sri Lanka filled with design attributes and handicraft that you won’t find anywhere else.
The majority of the shops in Galle Fort is owned by foreigners so it is quite expensive compared to what you are used to in Sri Lanka. These are our favorite shops in Galle Fort.

1.Barefoot – Corner of Church and Pedlar Street. A southern outpost of the stylish Colombo homeware shop.
2.Orchid House -Near Dutch Hospital. Selling handicraft, sarongs, and gems.
3.Stick No Bills – Printed designs on postcards or wallpapers
Galle Fort Jumping
      Galle Fort jumping off the ancient citadel walls started in the early 90s and it is the world’s equivalent to the bungee jump only a lot more dangerous, because the guys don’t even use an elasticised rope to pull you back from the near death experience, or a totally clear landing point. This hair rising jump off the walls is based on the Fort Ramparts at the top of the wall known as Flag Rock between Point Utrecht Bastion and Triton Bastion.

Best Time
  • From 6 AM To 5 PM
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NOTE – Assume your starting place is weligama.

 Step 01 – Travel From Weligama To tea factory

             Ex: Your Trip Is From Weligama To tea factory

Step 02 – Travel to Koggala for fish theropy, boat safari, Turtle Farm

Step 03 – Travel to Galle Fort

Step 04 – Back to Your Place

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  • A group between 4 and 8 persons for $65
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  • Hotel pick and drop off
  • Transport Throughout the tour with an air conditioned vehicles
  • full day tour in galle city
  • 1L of bottled mineral water per one person
  • Foods
  • Entry/Admission tickets
  • hotel facilities

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